Fast Facts about Smoke Alarms



Need a smoke alarm?

We can help and will install it for you. No STRINGS ATTACHED.

Did you know that according to the American Red Cross, 60 percent of house fire deaths occur in homes with no working smoke alarms?

Increase your chances of surviving a home fire by installing one today. If you answer no, to any of the questions, please sign up here to request new alarms.

You need a new smoke alarm if you answer "no" or "don't know" to any of these questions: 

  • Do you have any smoke alarms?
  • Are your alarms less than 10 years old?
  • Are you sure your alarms work and have batteries in them?
  • When you test them, do you hear a beep even after you changed the battery?
  • Do you have smoke alarms installed in every room where someone sleeps and in all open areas?